PGY2 Accreditation Process (NEW)

Useful Documents

The project to develop the system of accreditation and the standards used to adjudicate about accreditation for the PGY2 year in Queensland is well underway.  This is the page that will contain the latest information about this project.


Initial consultation will occur in two parts soon (over May and June 2017).  The first will be an online survey asking broad questions and seeking broad commentary about the concepts and principles of prevocational accreditation.  The second will include discussion papers with options for models of accreditation in Queensland.


A Reference Group, composed of members of the QPMA Accreditation Committee has been formed and is meeting monthly.  The membership of the group and Terms of Reference can be found via the useful documents tab.  This group is a formal subcommittee of the QPMA Accreditation Committee.  The group will co-opt expertise and members as need arises.


Three key personnel from QPMA are steering this Project.   Trish Karvelis is the project officer employed by QPMA until the end of 2017 to provide both expertise in medical education and to provide logistic and organisation support for this project.  Here is some more information about Trish.  Samantha Freeman has been employed on a short term consultation basis to assist with the development of consultation papers, and principles and systems of accreditation.  Here is more information about Sam.   Steve Lambert, Director of QPMA is steering the overall project.


Patricia Karvelis

Patricia Karvelis’ career has spanned more than 40 years in healthcare in positions including numerous senior nursing positions, prior to making the transition to Medical Education about 20 years ago. She has a passion for safe and quality healthcare, and says that this is only achievable through quality-focused accreditation programs. Trish’s role in the project will be the day to day organisation of the work to be undertaken, including secretariat support for the Reference Group and organisation of site consultations and pilot sites for accreditation.

Sam Freeman Photo

Sam Freeman

Samantha Freeman (MEd) has been working in the health sector as a health strategist and innovator for the past 16 years. She has a special interest in promoting health excellence through education and system change. Samantha’s role in the project will be development of evidence, writing drafts of the consultation papers and organizing and following up on the surveying of stakeholders.