PGY1 Accreditation Process

The QPMA accreditation process follows a set designed pathway.  See the Accreditation Flow Chart describing this pathway on the useful documents page.

Facilities are able to update the evidence contained on the online accreditation portal at any time. If changes require adjudication and review, QPMA will be automatically notified. The facility and QPMA will collaboratively determine the timeline for this change or modification. Where new placements, sites or facilities for intern training are requested (either through the online portal or directly with the QPMA team) the same collaborative approach to the determination of the submission timeline will be undertaken.

Site visits are an integral component of an accreditation review.  See our Site visit policy , in brief, the need for a site visit may be determined through 4 mechanisms:

  1. Compulsory site visits
  2. Sites visits determined by review of the evidence
  3. Site visits requested by the facility
  4. Random sampling

A number of sites will be randomly picked for a site visit, especially in the first 12 months of the operation of the online accreditation portal. This is for two purposes. Firstly, it is part of the quality assurance process being set up QPMA to check the effectiveness, feasibility and consistency of the online information gathering process. Secondly, it is to be used as a check that the proposed self-managed process is effective.   In short, does the information provided by facilities match the situation and circumstance at the facility? All facilities accredited to train interns in Queensland will be open for a random site visit.

QPMA is currently developing the triggers that would result in a site visit being determined by review of the evidence.