Our Function

Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation (QPMA) is accredited by the Medical Board of Australia as the intern training accreditation authority for Queensland.  QPMA’s prevocational accreditation program implements and monitors standards for the training, supervision and welfare of prevocational trainees in their intern (PGY1) and resident (PGY2) years.

The self-managed, locally controlled, incentive-based, per supported accreditation process of facilities and corresponding prevocational medical training programs offered by QPMA is a quality assurance process that establishes and monitors standards for prevocational medical training to ensure high quality clinical training for interns and residents. This accreditation process assists facilities to provide the best possible environment for the training of interns and residents by ensuring they receive appropriate supervision, orientation, clinical experience, education, assessment and support.

Our Philosophical Approach

The approach to accreditation offered by QPMA is one of quality improvement and quality assurance. QPMA views an accreditation review as an opportunity for a facility to reflect upon its own processes and outcomes and come to some understanding of how to improve these to support quality intern training. Accreditation is not seen as an activity that is completed for the purpose of accreditation itself but rather for the purpose of improvement of intern training. As example, during an accreditation review, facilities that find themselves creating a document or a report simply to satisfy an accreditation requirement rather than to be of use within the facility, are missing the mark. QPMA is interested in working with facilities discussing the true ‘on-the-ground’ situation and how processes work.


The philosophical approach to accreditation adopted by QPMA is one that emphasises that personnel from the facility understand their facility best and are most suited to deciding evidence that needs to be provided to support adherence to particular standards. Where guidance is sought, QPMA is happy to provide guidance about what could be submitted however QPMA notes that any narrowing of evidence parameters that can be utilised by being prescriptive has the negative effect of restricting responses to checklists and ‘pass / fail’ mentalities. This is not where QPMA desires accreditation to be.


The introduction of a self-managed, locally controlled, incentive-based, peer-supported online evidence gathering process for accreditation portal is a quality assurance process that establishes and monitors standards for prevocational medical training to ensure high quality clinical training for interns and residents.


QPMA has a philosophy of openness and transparency and its work is underpinned by the following principles.

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